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Pet Care

Price List

Standard fees

30 min walk 

1 hour walk 

30min Solo

1hr Solo

Nail clipping

Nail clip during dog walk







Pet Sitting

30 min pop in

1 hour sit

      ...each further hour

Overnight (7hrs+)






Just got a new pupper? Just rescued a dog? Or already own a dog and need advice? Doggy Holidays offers training tips, dos and don'ts, correct socialising and more. 

Consultation           £40

Solo Walks

Solo walks will include basic training or training you the owner will already be working on. Puppies need to be introduced to the world in the best possible way to set them up for a happy and confident future; so the solo walks would be a perfect way to start them off! Also includes training in loose lead walking, recall, minor reactivity, calmness and general obedience. 

In some cases you may be referred to a professional behaviourist if there are some deep rooted issues which require a specific regime for your individual dogs needs. 

Additional Dog Per Household

Additional dogs per household are discounted. Please get in touch for a quote!


Cancellation Policy

Last minute cancellations may incur a fee depending on what the service is. Please give 24 hours notice where possible.

Book Now

I will endeavour to respond to requests within 24hrs. If your request is urgent, please call on 07875 545 649. I look forward to chatting with you and meeting your furry family member!

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